Here is what some of Heike’s clients said:

“Heike thank you for giving me the space and opportunity to successfully work through a workplace issue.  The coaching sessions were great because you used really effective questioning techniques to prompt me to reflect on the issue and move towards a way forward. Your sense of timing was great because you gave me time to reflect and talk but came in with a coaching question just at the right time!  Thanks so much.”
Joy Garrett, School Advisor, Student Services WRO, Melbourne

“Before Heike I felt a little out of control with my business and felt as though my business ran me instead of the other way around. Now, only after half a dozen sessions I feel like I have that control back! Heike has helped me focus my efforts and the increased sales results speak for themselves.”
Dan Rucci – Managing Director – Mod Your Car Pty Ltd, Australia

“I found Heike to be very personable, intuitive and practical in assessing my needs. She has the ability to get to the heart of an issue quickly and she provided me with very focused strategies for complex issues.”
Louise R, Lawyer, London, England

“I had to deal with a lot of change in my work environment and I wanted to feel more motivated. Through Heike’s support I managed to deal with the changes much easier. Not only did I find that I am more motivated but it has also increased my performance and I got promoted. Thank you!”
Lisa Bennett, Account Manager, Google, London

“Before I met Heike I was not satisfied with my responsibilities at work. Heike’s coaching helped me to get the job that I really aspired to and to appreciate what I am capable of.  Heike is very professional and she has a lot of expertise. I am now very happy with my career progress.”
Evelyn, Sales Manager, image 100, London, England

“Professionalism, integrity and empathy seem to come naturally to Heike – when I first met Heike, I warmed to her immediately.  I found myself floundering for the first few years of retirement and together with this I was in transition from a single lifestyle to that of a partnership.  With Heike’s coaching expertise I have now acquired balance and contentment and more time for me!!  Heike’s technique and ‘real life’ directions have helped me to be more accountable for my achievements giving me excellent tools to continue to live the life I really want.”
Lynette, Perth, Australia

“Heike’s workshops and coaching sessions have enabled me to address issues and apply myself more positively in both my professional & private life. Heike has the capability to assess one’s needs and gently guide you in the areas of need.

Through the coaching sessions I have definitely grown more confident. My thinking is more clear and I address issues as they arise. Thank you Heike for your input and guidance.”
S. Mathesen, Dental Nurse, Perth, WA

“I found Heike positive, supportive and most of all she has given me great guidance for changing some of my bad old habits in my thinking.

Seeing Heike has been of great benefit to me. I realize that I don’t have to lock myself into certain thoughts and habits anymore. I can now train myself out of it permanently.  Thank you!”
S. Price, Teacher, Australia

“I started seeing Heike in March 2008 as I had a lot of built up anger towards work colleagues and friends. I was struggling to express myself and ended up being an emotional mess. In our sessions Heike somehow managed to get me to talk through a lot of emotional blocks I set up for myself. Her approach was very subtle and I never felt exposed by all the information I was giving her about myself and the situations I found myself in. We met in very comfortable surroundings and in our get togethers I felt her getting me one step closer to managing my emotions, especially the anger.

In 6 sessions she helped me work out how to express my opinion without being rude or too aggressive, which helped me get along with colleagues at work much better. Heike also helped me to release a lot of old negative emotional baggage around towards colleagues that was better to let go off. In so doing a weight was lifted and I’ve manage to maintain professional relationships I thought were no longer worth the effort, because I learned how to let go of old arguments. It’s nice to feel this free from the grip of anger and resentment. Thank you!”
L.Binnedale- Design & Style Ltd, London

“Over the past two months, on very tight deadlines, Heike has provided to me a service with an outcome which I believe will be an integral part of the future success of our project.

Heike has an amazing ability to build strong relationships and to see the “big picture” in a very short amount of time.  She is able to leverage her past experience and develop solid bonds with our executives built on trust and respect (which is not easy to do!)  This gives Heike the ability to view the situation from not just the business perspective but also the executives, digging deep to the heart of the scenario and empowering the individuals involved to approach solutions more effectively with simple, practical, advice and tools.

Her strong commercial acumen, multicultural experience and innate ability to read people and point them in the right direction has proven to be the right mixture for our internal requirements and I would definitely recommend Heike for any high level Executive Coaching or Conflict Resolution that your company may have, as she has definitely been of great benefit to our project.

Thank you Heike!”
K. Toovey, Human Resources Manager, GDF SUEZ Bonaparte, Australia

“Heike has provided me with the depth of vision and clarity of thought required to successfully develop myself, my staff and the business.”
Jonathan Jacobs, Director, Tracey Brunstrom and Hammond Pty Ltd, Australia

“Positive feedback these days seems to be a rarity, most are pretty quick out of the blocks to criticize bad service, denigrate poor quality or results and unfortunately, in these days of almost instantaneous 24/7 communication, anyone who provides anything less than a near immediate response.  None of this however anything likes the experience we have had dealing with yourself.

I have to be honest with you Heike, having never engaged an executive/business coach, nor having been involved with coaching in any of the corporate or private environment I had been involved with in past, was doubtful and somewhat skeptical of the results that we/you would achieve.  I must also add now though personally, pleasantly surprised, an understatement…

Clearly, your aptitude to “read the situation” and ability to get those around you to open up and candidly share their concerns, issues and desires with you, a skill few possess.  Most of those involved in our “Change Management Program” have at some point mentioned to me how they had told you things they had never intended to publicly air in any forum, nor are they quite sure how you got them to the point.  The result of this though, and quite surprisingly not only to them but as is obvious within our business, your ability to get these long held and sometimes deep seated concerns, beliefs, mis-beliefs, doubts or issues to the surface and to assist the respective individuals work through these, has had an unanticipated, obviously positive and overwhelmingly constructive effect.

The process of change, especially in a rapidly growing company never easy, your input, assistance and candour has been invaluable and had more than a discernible impact, this especially evident with the senior management team you have been directly involved with.  I’m continually surprised how managers who have always played their cards close to their chests, not only look forward to your sessions but are now coming to me to advise me of who else we should be putting through the coaching process.

The work you have clearly done with our team, your assistance and candid view has been invaluable through this process.

Is the change obvious in those who have been involved?  Yes it is without a doubt.

Has the change management process gone well?  The result, a productive team whom are both visibly happy, considerably less stressed and working well together.

Am I glad I engaged you?  Yes absolutely.

Would I recommend you or your business?  Heike, quite simply, without a question.  Great value and a great result…

Lastly, a personal note of thanks, our initial meeting has resulted in a highly valued working relationship but more importantly, a professional relationship that has developed into one of mutual trust, respect and I don’t doubt, a continuing long association.

Heike, should you need to, please use me as a direct recommendation to any of your potential clients, I would be more than happy to take a call from them at anytime.”
Anthony Ryder, Managing Director, Resource Equipment Limited, Australia

Additional Testimonials are available upon request.